About Us

Based in Santa Cruz, California, FlowTech is a rapidly growing sales and consulting firm specializing in facilitating a profitable and productive flow of products, services, support and education among its clients in the heating and cooling industry. FlowTech partners with world class manufacturers and wholesale partners, and successfully serves over 600 clients comprised of residential architects, mechanical contractors and specifying engineers. Our expertise has postioned us at the forefront of the market transformation to all mechanical systems.

Why Choose FlowTech?

Consultative process

We listen and identify needs, making sure we understand your requirements before provide specifications and material recommendations.


Early design and planning will optimize product selection, provide cost efficiencies, and avoid construction delays. We offer design assistance including product specification, CAD and Revit, distribution layout, system design and room-by-room heat loss calculations. Learn more about our commercial services.

Training and Support

For all our Stakeholders, advanced and continual training, offered in the TZI Live Fire Training facility located In Milpitas Ca, provides incredible value. With our help, manufactors and distributors can rest assured equipment is rolled out efficiently and profitably, engineers know their specification have robust field support, and contractors can differentiate businesses and gain cost and operational efficiencies. FlowTech also spear heads contractor Certifications providing a benefits for contractors and adding value for end-users.


We provide sales outreach to architects, specifying engineers and installing contractors by proactively presenting and supporting our manufacturers' lines. We provide the pull-through for our wholesale partners.

Flow: "space where challenges are met equally by capabilities, resulting in optimal performance and enjoyment."

Just as mechanical systems require flow to deliver comfort, businesses and organizations require flow to gain efficiency, boost profitability and elevate engagement.

Creating flow with products, services, and support, FlowTech delivers these benefits to valued manufacturers, wholesale partners, specifying engineers, and installing contractors.

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