Building and Home Electrification

Facilitating the transformation to electrical-based systems

Why Electrification?

Reach energy codes and consumer interest are driving the built environment towards all electric, carbon free mechanical. Hydronic systems offer unique advantages in delivering heating cooling and domestic hot water--- all from one outside unit.


Domestic Hot Water Production

Heating, cooling, and domestic hot water all from one outside unit

Integrated Space Cooling

Reverse cycle technology provides heating /cooling switchover eliminates duplicate systems

Energy Efficiency

Hydronic distribution along with High COP inverter heat pumps is an ideal energy efficiency solution and helps minimizes photovoltaic array

Unparalleled Comfort

Hydronics offer unparalleled human centered comfort

Design Flexibility

Diverse terminal units allow for flexibility including radiant panel and fan coil air distribution

Human and Environmental Health

No refrigerant in the occupied space and less refrigerant overall for reduced environmental impact

Common Components

Our West Coast Facility Offers Technical Training on Integrated Solutions

Learn everything from advanced boiler and control technology, Hydronic Distribution, Domestic Hot Water systems and accessories, to the latest service and sales techniques

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